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This project developed out of a conversation I had with a Wiccan priest about 10-15 years ago.  He was a classmate of mine, and was telling me about performing a wedding one weekend.  As an atheist who one day hoped to find someone I wanted to spend my life with as well, I realized I wanted a wedding free from religion of any sort.  My personal reaction to religion is relatively strong because of the injustices I associate with the church, so it simply wasn't acceptable to tolerate religious invocations that meant nothing. After some research, I discovered that atheists had no real way of performing marriages within the confines of the law in Ohio.  Unable to be elected to office, they could not practically be justices of the peace, and religious ones, in my experience with the legal system, can't be trusted to remember requests to leave god out of it.  Marriage should be about love, not about religion.  However, one was required to be a minister of some religion in order to perform marriages and be certified by the state.  Messages to the Secretary of State about this blatant discrimination were ignored.  So, I resolved to do what was necessary to play by the state's rules, and I was ordained a minister of the Universal Life Church (who does not explicitly require a belief in god), and promptly was accepted by the state as a certified performers of marriages.  This does not really help my own dilemma, but perhaps I can be of help to others.

It should be noted that not every state requires membership in a religious organization to perform marriages.  For instance, Pennsylvania has no such requirement.  Anyone can apply to witness a marriage, although the process does seem easier for ministers.

I offer my services to anyone interested in a non-traditional ceremony.  I am willing to work with couples interested designing their own service, especially (though not exclusively) if they are interested in leaving out religious references.  I am also able to perform secular or nontraditional funeral services.  I will include just what you or the deceased wants/wanted, and nothing else.

I am willing to work with couples to modify existing services to their liking, or to compose original ones.  Services may be completely irreligious and still maintain a certain solemnity and poetry.  Non-denominational or cross-denominational services can also be arranged.    Be inspired.  Be original.  Let me help you make it a day to remember.

The best way to contact me is through one of the blogs linked to the left.  Rates are below.  Centrally located in Columbus, Ohio, I can perform marriages anywhere in the state.  Nearby states may be possible depending on travel time and state law.

Rates are somewhat negotiable based on individual needs.  Contact me through the blog links to the right or the address below.  The profile pages contain secure ways to contact me.


Standard Wedding Service -- $275 -- consultation on vows (couple largely writes the vows themselves) and performance of the ceremony on the day of the event.  Fee includes travel of 50 miles.  Rehearsal included.

Expanded Wedding Service -- $500 -- I write the vows based on input from the couple to their desired specifications.  Includes performance of the ceremony and rehearsal.  Fee includes travel of 50 miles.

Funerals -- $250 -- wake and gravesite, one day, totally up to four hours.  Fee includes travel of 50 miles. 


Longer distances charge the base rate plus $0.50 per mile, and overnight stay, if applicable (for rehearsal, etc.).  Additional hours and services such as creating a paper program (sample) for the service charged at $50/hour.







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