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Instructions for Downloading


Beginning in 2007, I switched the majority of my posted files to Office 2007 format (the Word files ending in .docx).  This created some problems with downloading.  Internet Explorer and some other browsers do not recognize the .docx extension as a word processing document, and instead attempt to try to open the file as though it were a .zip file.  Some files like syllabuses remain in Internet friendly formats like .doc, .rtf, or .pdf, but it was impractical to convert every file into one of these formats, so I've included instructions below for circumventing the problem in Internet Explorer.  You can see screenshots of the process in the attached file.  It is in .pdf format.

For downloading assignment, test and study guide files follow the procedure below:

1) Right Click on the file link and select Save Target As from the menu

2) In the dialogue box, after the filename, add .docx and save the file to your desktop.

3) You can open the file from your desktop the same as you would any other Word file.

Downloading Office 2007 Files from Internet Explorer (pdf)



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