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Columbus State Community College

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts, Math 1116


Course Description (from the University): A survey of modern mathematical topics relevant to everyday life, intended for students who are not majoring in the physical sciences.  This course applies critical thinking and problem solving skills to topics such as elementary graph theory, the mathematics of voting and apportionment, and probability.    Not open to students with credit for Math 130/1130, Math 148/1148, or above.


Syllabus  -- in Word format

Project Directions

Video List

Important Dates
Exam I -- Tuesday, October 1st key
Exam II -- Tuesday, November 13th key
Exam III--  Tuesday, December 9th at 12:00 p.m.  key


see the syllabus for a more detailed calendar

Email List

can be gotten through Blackboard


Grade Calculator -- javascript online grade calculator


Math Adjunct Office # DH 448
My CSCC voicemail # 287-5377, ext. 1647
My CSCC email: bmccall2@cscc.edu
Fall office hours are 2-4 MTWR


Homeworks/Suggested Exercises

Homework #1
Homework #2
Homework #3
Homework #4
Homework #5 (Excel file in Blackboard)
Homework #6


In-Class Activities

Counting: Multiplication Rule
Counting: Permutations
Counting: Combinations
Voting #1
Voting #2
Voting #3
Weighted Voting #1
Weighted Voting #2
Weighted Voting #3
Apportionment #1
Apportionment #2
Apportionment #3
Probability: Sample Spaces
Probability: Cards
Euler Circuits #1
Euler Circuits #2
Hamilton #1
Hamilton #2
Graph Properties
Probability: Equiprobable Events
Probability: Union & Intersection
Probability: Odds & Expected Values


Discussion Questions

Counting DQs
Voting DQs I
Voting DQs II
Weighted Voting DQs I
Weighted Voting DQs II
Apportionment DQs I
Apportionment DQs II
Probability DQs I
Euler's Circuits DQs
Hamilton's DQs I
Hamilton's DQs II
Trees DQs
Probability DQs II



(Old) Projects

Project #1 (voting) Instructions
Project #2 (TSPs) (map)
Project #3 (apportionment) Excel file required is in Blackboard


Extra Chapter Notes: (old book)

Chapter 1 (voting)
Chapter 4 (apportionment)
Chapter 5 (Euler circuits)
Chapter 6 (TSPs)
Chapter 7 (networks)
Voting (Part 1) (Part 2a) (Part 2b) (Part 2c)
Weighted Voting Power Calculator (.xlsx)
Apportionment Calculator (.xlsx)
Euler Circuits (Part 1) (Part 2)
Networks (Part 1) (Part 2)


Answer Keys

Quiz #1 -- key
Quiz #2 -- key
Quiz #3 -- key
Quiz #4 -- key
Quiz #5 -- key
Quiz #6 -- key
Quiz #7 -- key
Quiz #8 -- key
Quiz #9 -- key
Quiz #10 -- key
Quiz #11 -- key
Quiz #12 -- key
Quiz #13 -- key
Quiz #14 -- key
Quiz #15 -- key



PDF Graph Paper
Power Distribution Calculator
Counting - Combinations - Permutations
Arrow's Theorem
Poker Maths
TSPs in the media (starts at minute 24)
Bridges to Networks
Free Online Math Courses
How Many Ways Can You Arrange a Deck of Cards?
Bridged History of Konigsburg
Combinations & Permuations Calculator

Spring 2007 Quarter
Fall 2007 Quarter
Winter 2008
Spring Semester 2013
Fall Semester 2013


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