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George Mason University

Business Analytics II -- BUS 310


Course Descriptions (from the University):  This course introduces the concepts of modeling relationships contained in data and the use of linear models to make predictions in business. Topics include estimation, hypotheses testing, statistical inference, analysis of variance and linear regression techniques. The course also introduces students to fundamentals of linear programming to solve optimization problems in business.   Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisites:  Essential and expected knowledge: Proficiency in elementary algebra and geometry. Familiarity with recent versions of MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Deficiencies in any of these areas should be self-remediated.  And completion of BUS 210 with a grade of C or higher.

Syllabus -- in Word format


Important Dates (traditional section)
Exam Ia/b Data a/b/Part I Data -- Wednesday, October 11th key/key/key/key/key/study guide/formula sheet/make-up data key
Exam IIa/b Data/Part 1 Data-- Wednesday, November 15th key/study guide
Final Exam -- Wednesday, December 13th 4:30-7:15 key/study guide/formula sheet

see the syllabus for a more detailed calendar

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My GMU email: bmccall6@gmu.edu
Office Hours: W 6:00-7:00 p.m., F 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Problem Sets

Homework #1 -- Data
Homework #2 -- Data
Homework #3 -- Data
Homework #4 -- Data
Homework #5 -- Data
Homework #6 -- Data
Homework #7 -- Data
Homework #8 -- Data
Homework #9 -- Data
Homework #10 -- Data
Homework #11
Homework #12 -- Data


Case Study #1 -- Data
Case Study #2
Case Study #3 -- Data
Case Study #4 -- Data
Case Study #5 -- Data



9/6 9/13 W E 9/20 W E
9/27 10/4 10/18
10/25 11/1 11/8 W E


Answer Keys

Quiz #1 Data -- key/key
Quiz #2 Data -- key/key
Quiz #3 -- key




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