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Northern Virginia Community College

Differential Equations, MTH 291


Course Description (from the College):  Introduces first order differential equations, linear differential equations, numerical methods, and applications.  This course is primarily for the student in mathematics, engineering, the sciences and other areas requiring strong mathematical backgrounds.  The purpose is to give the student a basic understanding of the techniques for solving ordinary differential equations.

Syllabus -- in Word format


Important Dates
Exam I  -- Monday, October 16th exam key/study guide
Exam II/Part I/Part II  -- Monday, November 27th exam key/study guide
Final Exam Part I/Part II-- Monday, December 11th at 7:30 p.m. exam key/study guide

more detailed schedule in the syllabus

Email List

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Math Office: AA 352
NOVA Math office: 703-845-6220
My NOVA email: bmccall@nvcc.edu
Office Hours: TR 4:30-6:00


Answer Keys

Quiz #1 -- key
Quiz #2 -- key
Quiz #3 -- key
Quiz #4 -- key
Quiz #5 -- key

Homeworks to be Turned in

in packets (IODE materials)

Skills Practice #1
Skills Practice #2
Skills Practice #3
Skills Practice #4
Skills Practice #5.
Skills Practice #6
Skills Practice #7
Skills Practice #8


Mathematica/Excel Labs

Lab #1 -- Code
Lab #2 -- Code



Springs Modeling
Systems Project




Undetermined Coefficients (worksheet) -- key
Hyperbolic Trig Functions -- key
Undetermined Coefficients -- key
Characteristic Equations -- key
Spring Problems -- key
Bernoulli Equations -- key
Homogeneous (First Order) Equations  -- key
Tank/Concentration Problems -- key
Recognizing Types of Differential Equations -- key
Single Variable Differentiation Review - key
Single Variable Integration Review - key
Multiple Variable Differentiation Review - key
Multiple Variable Integration Review - key
Reduction of Order - key
Euler's Method - key
Direction (Slope) Fields - key
Matrices Overview -- key
Matrix Operations on the TI-83/84
Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors -- key
2x2 Matrix calculator (for finding eigenvalues, in .xlsx)
3x3 Matrix calculator (for finding characteristic polynomials in .xlsx)
Discrete Dynamical Systems -- key
Writing the Matrix of a Linear Transformation -- key
Homogeneous Solutions and Nullspaces -key
Systems of Linear ODEs -- key
Systems of Springs






PDF Graph Paper
I Will Derive song
How to draw Greek
Plotting Vector Fields
Direction Field Grapher
Complex Numbers in Polar Form
Integral Table
Free ODE Books
By Parts answers/key

Differential Equations at AACC


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