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Math Notes

This page will provide links to my notes on mathematics.  As I teach certain topics, I will write pages intended to help student work through problems on various topics.  These pages I intend to provide a brief description of the topic, and then some problems worked in detail, along with some pointers and key words to look for. Topics are listed in alphabetical order.  These pages are currently under construction, and many of the pages may have content only to the extent that there are links to other online resources on these topics.  The other content will be filled in as I have the opportunity.

Anti-Derivatives and Integrals
Calculus Introduction
Calculus Formulae
Calculus and Graphs
Complex Numbers
Counting Methods
Curve Fitting
Difference Quotient
Geometry (Basic properties and Word Problems)
Graphs -- points in a Cartesian Plane
Higher Order Derivatives
Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions
Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates
Improper Integrals and Probability Curves
Law of Cosines
Law of Sines
L'Hopital's Rule
Linear Equations
Linear Programming
Markov Chains
Math of Finance
Multivariable Calculus
Operations on Polynomials
Partial Fraction Decomposition
Properties of Real Numbers and Order of Operations
Quadratics and Conics
Rational Expressions
Roots and Rational Exponents
Sequences and Induction
Set Theory
Setting up Word Problems
Slide Rule Basics
Solving Equations, Techniques
Solving Inequalities
Statistics Basics
Systems of Equations
Systems of Inequalities
Trigonometry Basics
Trigonometric Identities
Voting Methods and Apportionment
Word Problems Involving Derivatives
Word Problems Involving Integration
Writing Numbers and Bases


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