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Anne Arundel Community College

Computing & Information Technology, CTA 100


Course Description (from the College): Learn computing and information technology concepts and skills that are fundamental to social, personal, business, and academic environments. Learn about the Internet, networking, hardware, software, security, privacy, ethics, and emerging technologies. Participate in hands-on labs using Microsoft Office applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations, and the Windows operating system. Designed for the nonmajor. Lab fee $25. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 111 or ENG 115 or ENG 121. Note: Also offered as CTA 100H; credit is not given for both CTA 100 and CTA 100H or CTA 100 and CTA 103(H).  Lecture: 4hours


Syllabus -- in Word format


Important Dates (traditional section)
Exam I -- Thursday, March 9th review/flash cards
Final Exam -- Tuesday, May 9th 2:45-4:45 key/review/flash cards

see the syllabus for a more detailed calendar

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Math Office: Mathematics 231J
My AACC voicemail: (410) 777-1264
My AACC email: bjmccall@aacc.edu
Office Hours: M 3:30-5, T 6-7, W 4-5, Th 4:30-7




Email/Big Data Project
Social Media Project

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Supplemental Activities

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PDF Graph Paper
History of Big Data
Learn Office: Free Videos

Fall 2016


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