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Columbus State Community College

Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations , Math 2415


Course Description (from the College):  This course presents a study of the basic concepts and methods of solving ordinary and partial differential equations; slope fields; separable, linear, exact, Bernoulli, and homogeneous first order equations; systems of first order differential equations; homogeneous and nonhomogeneous second order linear equations; Fourier Series, Heat Equation and other separable partial differential equations. Topics covered have applications to physical sciences and engineering. Lecture: 4 hours Prerequisite: MATH 2568/268; minimum grade of C

*Files on this page are mostly in .docx format (though some are in .pdf). If you have difficulty downloading them, see instructions linked in the left margin.

Syllabus -- in Word format


Important Dates
Exam I  -- Monday, June 22nd exam key/study guide key
Exam II  -- Wednesday, July 15th exam key/study guide key
Final Exam -- Monday, August 3rd at 5:00 p.m. exam key

more detailed schedule in the syllabus

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Office: DH 448
Office Phone: (614) 287-3848
My CSCC email: bmccall2@cscc.edu
Office hours: MW 4:30-5 & 8-8:30 p.m., TR 7:30-9 p.m. additional hours by appointment

June 22 & June 24th: class will start late: around 5:30.  Futher details will be announced in class.


Answer Keys

Quiz #1 -- key
Quiz #2 -- key
Quiz #3 -- key
Quiz #4 -- key
Quiz #5 -- key
Quiz #6 -- key
Quiz #7 -- key
Quiz #8 -- key
Quiz #9 -- key
Quiz #10 -- key
Quiz #11 -- key
Quiz #12 -- key
Quiz #13 -- key
Quiz #14 -- key
Quiz #15 -- key
Quiz #16 -- key

Homeworks to be Turned in


Homework #1
Homework #2
Homework #3
Homework #4
Homework #5
Homework #6
Homework #7
Homework #8


Suggested Homework





Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions -- key
Sketching Fourier Series -- key
Undetermined Coefficients (worksheet) -- key
Hyperbolic Trig Functions -- key
Undetermined Coefficients -- key
Characteristic Equations -- key
Spring Problems -- key
Bernoulli Equations -- key
Homogeneous (First Order) Equations  -- key
Tank/Concentration Problems -- key
Recognizing Types of Differential Equations -- key
Single Variable Differentiation Review - key
Single Variable Integration Review - key
Multiple Variable Differentiation Review - key
Multiple Variable Integration Review - key
Reduction of Order - key
Euler's Method - key
Direction (Slope) Fields - key
Matrices Overview -- key
Matrix Operations on the TI-83/84
Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors -- key
Inner Products -- key
2x2 Matrix calculator (for finding eigenvalues, in .xlsx)
3x3 Matrix calculator (for finding characteristic polynomials in .xlsx)
Discrete Dynamical Systems -- key
Writing the Matrix of a Linear Transformation -- key
Homogeneous Solutions and Nullspaces -key
Series Solutions -- key
Singular Points
Systems of Linear ODEs -- key






PDF Graph Paper
I Will Derive song
How to draw Greek
Plotting Vector Fields
Direction Field Grapher
Complex Numbers in Polar Form
Integral Table
Free ODE Books
By Parts answers/key
Math 285 - Spring 2012
Math 255 - Summer 2012
Math 2255 - Spring 2013
Math 2415 - Summer 2014


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