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Anne Arundel Community College

Beginning Algebra, MAT 011


Course Description (from the College):

Study beginning algebra topics such as operations on real numbers; simplifying expressions; solving first-degree equations, inequalities and application problems; graphing linear equations and solving systems of linear equations by graphing; simplifying exponents; operations on polynomials; factoring polynomials; and solving quadratic equations with applications by factoring.  Prerequisite: Achieve an appropriate score on the Mathematics Placement Test or completion of MAT 010 with a grade of at least C, or successful completion of an approved mathematics preparation course. 

NOTE:  A grade of at least C in MAT 011 is required to enroll in MAT 012 or MAT 013B.  A grade of A is required to enroll in MAT 013A / MAT141 offered as a one-term accelerated combination course.


Syllabus -- in Word format
First Day Handout

Important Dates
Course begins: Saturday, June 3th, 2017
Course ends: July 22th, 2017

All deadlines must be met before the course ends.
Math FIRST dates

see the syllabus for a more detailed calendar

Email List

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Math Office: Mathematics 231J
My AACC voicemail: (410) 777-1264
My AACC email: bjmccall@aacc.edu
Office Hours: by appointment


Supplemental Activities and Handouts

Solving Equations (handout) -- key
Simplifying Expressions and Translating -- key
Solving Equations, Part I -- key
Solving Equations, Part II -- key
Word Problems, Part I -- key
Word Problems, Part II -- key
Word Problems, Part III -- key
Word Problems, Part IV -- key
Inequalities -- key
Plotting Points -- key
Linear Equations, Part 1 -- key
Linear Equations, Part 2 -- key
Linear Equations, Part 3 -- key
Slope -- key
Functions -- key
Systems of Equations -- key
Exponents and Polynomails -- key
Muiltiplying Polynomials, Part I -- key
Multiplying Polynomials, Part II -- key
Negative Exponents -- key
Division of Polynomials -- key
GCFs & Factoring by Groupng -- key
Factoring, Part 1 -- key
Factoring, Part 2 -- key
Factoring, Part 3 -- key
Factoring, Part 4 -- key
Factoring, Part 5 -- key
Solving Quadratics by Factoring -- key
Quadratic Word Problems -- key



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Problem Sets

Preparation Schedule for Lecture Section
Sets of Numbers -- key
Number Sets Exercise -- key
Percent Increases & Decreases -- key
Identifying Polynomials
Graphing Points in 2D -- key
Review A
Review B
Long Division of Polynomials


Calculator Guides:


Answer Keys



PDF Graph Paper
Free Online Math Courses
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MAT 011 Fall 2015
MAT 011 Summer 2016


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