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Howard Community College

Calculus & Analytical Geometry III/Multivariable Calculus, Math 240


Course Description (from the College):  Students will develop skills necessary to conclude the calculus sequence. The course includes vector calculus in both two- and three-dimensional space along with the classical theorems of Green, Stokes, and Gauss. It will also include partial derivatives and multiple integrals along with a number of appropriate applications. A graphing calculator and MATLAB, a computer algebra system, will be integral parts of the course. Prerequisite:  MATH-182 or equivalent with a grade of C or higher.


Syllabus  -- in Word format

Important Dates
Exam I  -- Tuesday, July 18th exam key/practice exam key
Exam II  -- Tuesday, July 25th exam key/practice exam key
Exam III -- Thursday, August 3rd exam key/practice exam key
Exam IV -- Thursday, August 10th exam key/practice exam key
Final Exam -- Friday, August 11th exam key/supplemental study guide key / practice final key

more detailed schedule in the syllabus

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Math Office: Hickory Ridge Building
My HCC office phone: (443) 518-1580
My HCC email: bmccall@howardcc.edu
Office Hours: Friday, 3:30-5:30 in 409


Answer Keys

Quiz #1 -- key
Quiz #2 -- key
Quiz #3 -- key
Quiz #4 -- key
Quiz #5 -- key
Quiz #6 -- key
Quiz #7 -- key
Quiz #8 -- key
Quiz #9 -- key
Quiz #10 -- key
Quiz #11 -- key
Quiz #12 -- key
Quiz #13 -- key
Quiz #14 -- key


Homework #1
Homework #2
Homework #3
Homework #4
Homework #5
Homework #6
Homework #7
Homework #8
Homework #9
Homework #10

MatLab Labs

Project #1
Project #2
Project #3



Contour Curves
Craft Day
Diffraction Grating -- EM Spectrum


Polar Coordinates
Common 3D Surfaces
Tangents & Normals - key
Line Integrals
Lagrange Mulitpliers -- key
Relative & Absolute Extrema -- key
Implicit Differentiation -- key
Triple Integrals
Vector Fields
Del-Notation - key
Limits in 2 or more Variables - key
Graphing in 3D
Chain Rule -- key
Jacobians and Change of Variable
Single Variable Differentiation Review - key
Single Variable Integration Review - key
Plotting 3D Surfaces in 2D
Changing Limits of Integration in 2D & 3D
Surface Integrals
Gradients & Level Curves -- key
Matrices Overview -- key
Mass & Center of Mass
Optimizing Geometry in 2D & 3D
Probability Applications for Multivariable Calculus
3D Surfaces, Contour Curves & Gradients



Distance Between and Point and a Line in Space (11.14)
12.2 Properties of the Derivative
12.9 Curvature
13.0 Partial Derivatives & Notation
13.4 Sufficient Conditions for Differentiability
13.5 Differentiability Implies Continuity
13.6 Chain Rule: One Independent Variable
13.9 Directional Derivative
13.11 The Gradient
13.19 Lagrange's Theorem
14.5 Change of Variables for Double Integrals
15.1 Test for Conservative Vector Fields
15.5 Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals
15.6 Independence of Path for Conservative Vector Fields
15.8 Green's Theorem



Programs for Numerical Methods - TI-83 (pdf)
PDF Graph Paper
I Will Derive song
How to draw Greek
Graphing 3D Parametric Curves
Plotting Vector Fields
Vector Fields
Visualizing Gradients
Multivariable Calculus Demonstrations
Contour Curves Grapher

Calc III at AACC
Calc III at CSCC


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