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General Cover Letter

I am currently teaching at three schools, two online and one on-campus, and I would like to replace these with a single fulltime job either online or on-campus (in the Columbus, Ohio area).  I am seeking greater financial stability and benefits in such a position. 

My educational background, briefly:

  • B.A. Classical and Medieval Studies, Cleveland State University
    minors: Mathematics, and Physics
  • M.A. Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • M.S. Applied Mathematics, Cleveland State University
  • M.S. Management Information Systems, Nova Southeastern University

I realize that this seems like a rather strange combination of topics, but it almost suits my personality.

I have had extensive teaching experience.  I began tutoring others in math for pay as early as 1988, but I began working at it professionally beginning in 2000.  I have taught such subjects as Business Mathematics sequences, Mathematical Reasoning and Finite Math, Arithmetic and Algebra sequences, Trigonometry, various levels of Calculus through Differential Equations, and Introduction to Theoretical Math.  The vast majority of this work has been in developmental courses and service courses for students struggling with math and for Business majors.  For courses not intended for science majors, the emphasis has been on the use of technology to help them utilize the concepts they are learning, rather than emphasizing calculation methods, although I do try to strike a balance.  Applications are also important, and I take special care not to simply do a dozen examples, but to show them keywords they can look for in problems so that they can do the problems themselves.  Catching on to keywords is essential for generalizing problem-solving skills; otherwise students will simply memorize how to do problems they've seen and be unable to do any problem laid out in a fashion they've never seen before.

My academic and research interests have largely been put on hold recently (working two or three jobs will do that).  I've spent some time recently writing as a creative outlet.  My most recent academic interest has been in the area of mathematical linguistics.  I discovered this through a couple papers I was working on while at Indiana.  One paper suggested strongly to me that the variational behaviour I was seeing across speakers could be modeled probabilistically (the paper dealt with sound symbolic modification of nonsense words in Japanese); another suggested a dynamics issue was at work (in a functional phonological process in Greek).  I have had little time to pursue either very far.  Mathematical linguistics is a small field, not well-understood, and not well-supported in either mathematics or linguistics departments.  My research interests tend to go where particular problems lead me.  In time, they may lead me elsewhere.

Welcome to my online teaching portfolio.  Please feel free to look around.  I can be contacted at the email address below.



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