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I sometimes am engaged as a private tutor.  I specialize in courses at Columbus State (and in Columbus, OH generally) where it may be harder to find a good free tutor.  Since I am an adjunct at Columbus State, I will list courses as they are numbered at that school.  I have taught all the listed courses (here or elsewhere).

The courses I specialize in include:

        Liberal Arts Math (Math 1116)

        Business College Algebra (Math 1130)

        Business Calculus (Math 1131)

        All versions of Calc II (Math 1152, Math 1172)

        Math for Bio-Science (Math 1156, Math 1157)

        Multivariable Calculus (Calc III -- Math 2153)

        All versions of Differential Equations (Math 2173, Math 2174, Math 2177, Math 2255, Math 2415)

        Linear Algebra (Math 2568)

        Discrete Math (Math 2366)

Inquire about higher level OSU courses.

I am capable of tutoring all levels of algebra, pre-calc and Calc I as well, but generally free tutoring is available for these subjects at many hours, and other, less expensive tutors are plentiful.


Rate: $75 per 2-hour block.  (The minimum time is 2 hours.)
If sessions extend beyond 2 hours, the charge is $25/hr for each hour thereafter, per session.

The rate is for my time, regardless of the number of students.  Bring a classmate and split the rate between you.  Perfect for study groups.

I prefer contact by email.  You can look up my address at the Columbus State directory.  (Search for Betsy McCall, Math Department.)  Or you can email the address below.

Generally, I'm available most times Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Times MTWR are available but change from semester to semester.  Contact for current times.

Cash or checks accepted.


Current Courses

Columbus State:

Math 2153

Math B1131


Math 112


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The Foundling War Duology


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