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The Foundling WAR: Janus (Book I)

Janus of the title does not refer specifically to any character in the book, rather it refers to the Roman god Janus, the god of boundaries, doorways, beginnings and ends, after whom the month January was named.  Janus was depicted as having two faces, looking in each direction.  In English, we sometimes refer to people as being two-faced, or Janus-faced.  It is this reference that is implied by the title.

The book takes place predominantly in the Year of Union 560-1 (around 25,837-8 by our calendar).  The main character is a man named Bah'dur Das, an elite military strategist fighting for the Confederation of Allied Star Systems (CASS) in their war against the Foundlings, an alien race with whom communication appears impossible and whose faces no one has ever lived to see.  The war has been going on for over a hundred years, and it is hoped that soon, thanks to men like Bah'dur, that the war can finally be ended in victory.

Djaan Das Blog



It's done!  I'm putting up a blurb for the story.  And some reviews.  Enjoy.

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Janus cover

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Sweet! as of today, the first review on the book is 5 of 5 stars!!!

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