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The Foundling WAR: Janus (Book I)


The Foundlings

In the Year of Union 437, an armada of ships appeared on the borders of the CASS.  Terrified of again being subjugated to an alien race, the CASS attacked the invaders.  A century has passed and still the war drags on, without anyone in the CASS having seen the face of their enemy. 

Djaan Das

The greatest strategic mind to come out of the Jandahl Academy in fifty-six years, Bah’dur Das brings victory wherever he goes.  He is the hope of every system in the CASS to finally bring an end to this long war.  Now he and his fellow Djaans have embarked on a daring plan to lure the Foundlings to the blasted hull of old Earth and draw a noose around the Foundling fleet. 


But Djaan Das has a secret; a secret so big that if it is revealed it could destroy not only him, but the entire Confederacy as well.


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