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Welcome to the universe of the Children of Daela...


  The Children of Daela are a race of Elemental beings, Elementals of Earth, who have for many thousands of years battled for their very existence with another race of powerful beings, the Ishada, who seek to destroy them.  Once the Children of Daela numbered only a dozen, now, after many millennia of interbreeding with humans, make up a race of magic-wielding sorcerers.  They are allied with what remains of the other Elementals, the Dragons who are the race formed from the merging of the Elementals of Air and the Elementals of Fire.  The Ishada, having already destroyed the Elementals of Water who created them, know that they cannot defeat the Dragons until they have assumed the power of the Children of Daela.  And so the Ishada have spent these many millennia relentlessly pursuing this task.

The universe that comprises this story makes up a huge part of my working story ideas.  Eventually, stories will cover the entire timeline of the conflict, but for now, I have only begun writing two subsections of the story.  The others have plots, but most of the stories will wait until I've completed the In the Shadow of the Dragons Dodecalogy at least.

In the Shadow of the Dragons -- this series deals with the life of Draega Te Daelan, and the final conclusion to the long war with the Ishada.

The Dragon Lords -- this is a series of books that deals with late in the history of this conflict, roughly the second half of it, culminating, chronologically in the rise of Dagnan Te Daelan as the last Dragon Lord.  One book has been published from this set, The Dragons' Lord.  Some of the books, like The Dragons' Lord, are individual books; some belong to sets.  Some of these sub-series include Serh Draedishad Gha Ama which described the end of civil war in Taera known as the Draedishad.  And there are The Last Flight of the Children of Daela and The Dragonwar Hexalogy which deal respectively with the Exile of the Children of Daela from their ancestral homeland, and the conquering of the lands that will become the nation of Taera.

y'Daela imn -- this is a series of books that deal with roughly the first half of the war between the Children of Daela and the Ishada, before the time of the Exile, while the Children of Daela still lived in their original homeland (plus possibly one additional book that runs concurrent to the end of the In the Shadow of the Dragons series).  Sub-series include The Dragons' Son Trilogy, The Second Great Marcher War, The Keepsake of the Dragons' Queen Tetralogy, The Twelve Tribes of the Children of Daela, The House of Daela Tetralogy, and The Land of the Children of Fortune.

The Children of the Earth -- this is the least developed of the series.  It is reserved to deal with the future, after the In the Shadow of the Dragons dodecalogy.

The Children of the Fountain -- this series covers the section of history from the birth of the Children of Daela to the creation of the Dragons, including the rise of the Ishada.  One sub-series is called To Oppose the Fountain and the Wave.

Llasit Myierinen li Dranaer -- (i.e. the Royal House of Myiria) deals with the those that remained behind in the Children of Daela's homeland after the time of the Exile.  Some sub-series include The Hand of the Dragons Trilogy, The Trilogy of the Lost Women, and Uprising of the Lesser Barons.

li Ulaergesin li Yuturth -- (i.e. the Works of the Elementals) deals with stories set in this universe that are not centered around the Children of Daela as the main characters.  These may include stories set prior to the creation of the Children of Daela, and probably this is the period where the bulk of the plots will come from.

li Zhikashthen li Tohoroth -- (i.e. the Peoples of the Lands) deals with stories set in this universe that deal with non-Elemental beings as the main characters.  I haven't really thought about this much.

For some background information on the universe, visit the backstory pages at In the Shadow of the Dragons.


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