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The universe of the Children of Daela is a complex one, and while individual elements may be familiar, the package turns out to be quite complicated and strange.  To help readers understand the universe better, this page will contain links to backstory elements.  The list will grow with time.  Satisfy your curiosity, and alleviate your confusion!  However, I should warn readers that these pages MAY contain "spoiler" information.  Readers interested in avoiding that kind of information should proceed with caution.  I will do my best not to, but I'm only human.

Map of Taera
Political Structure of Taera
Basic Mythology of the Children of Daela
Brief History of Taera
Who is Swayne, and why do we care? (potential spoiler information)
What is the story with Lady Taeal? (potential spoiler information)
Pronunciation Guide for the High Daelan Language
List of First Families of Taera
List of Second Families of Taera
Overview of Heredity Laws for Familied Classes
Compendium of Vocabulary (not a complete dictionary, although rest assured, I do have one)
Te Daelan Family Tree, from Lord Kieran to S.Rh. 3401
Time and Calendar
Psychological Profile of Dagnan Te Daelan (potential spoiler information)
High Daelan Alphabet
High Daelan Numbering System
Prophecies and Visions





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