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The Dragons' Child

This book is a continuation of the story in The Dragons' Gift.

The story continue is The Dragons' Shadow.


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This book takes place some ten years after the end of The Dragons' Gift when Draega is around eleven years old.  Unlike the previous book, Draega herself is the main character, as will be the case for the rest of the dodecalogy. 

The blurb I wrote for the book:



The Dragons’ Child

 Ten years ago, Dagnan Te Daelan was given a gift by the Dragons.  That gift was a child, Draega, who was gifted with extraordinary power.  Heralding her birth was a prophecy that promised both hope and danger.

Now, it seems, that prophecy is about to be fulfilled.  The Dragons’ child is changing, becoming both a young woman, and something else.  And her father’s enemies are determined to make sure that whatever it is she’s becoming, that it never happens.

Who will pay the ultimate price for the Dragons’ gift?


See a preview of the story with a chapter excerpt.

For additional information of the backstory, check out the Backstory page.





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