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In the Shadow of the Dragons

The Dragons' Child



The Dragon Lords

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In the Shadow of the Dragons Dodecalogy



The Dragons' Gift

This book is a continuation of the story in The Dragons' Lord.

The story continues in The Dragons' Shadow.


The Children of Daela, Elementals of Earth, have survived for more than ten millennia and for some seven of them, have waged a long and costly war against the Ishada, an equally powerful race of beings who covet their power over the elements of earth. Their allies are the Dragons, formed from the union of Fire and Air, each is sworn to defend the other, and for performing such a service, the Dragons offer Dagnan Te Daelan a gift: a child with frightening power, a child with the power to save them and end this long war or to destroy them.

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In the Shadow of the Dragons

The Dragons' Gift

The Dragons' Child

The Dragons' Shadow

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